Perrinpit Farm

The Weaver family have been farming since 1723, so agriculture is most definitely in our blood. We have been been at Perrinpit Farm for 72 years now, breeding pedigree Suffolk sheep, Hereford and Charolais cattle, rearing "Jolly Geese" for Christmas and Lop pigs and growing cereals.


 Our Suffolk Sheep flock

The flock was started in 1951 and has had many successes over the years. Our flock has won the Bristol Gold cup on five occasions, 1960, 1969,1970, 1984 & 1986.

In the show ring we have had two Edinburgh Show & Sale Championships, seven Royal Show Championships together with many championships at The Three Counties Show.


 Our Hereford x Charolais Beef Herd

We have been breeding Hereford cattle for four generations now, so we've just about got the trick! We have a suckler herd of Hereford cows which we cross with a Charolais bull to create top quality, shapely beef cattle.

Our cattle graze in the fields throughout the Summer and are housed in the Winter. Over the Winter they feast on our own barley and silage.


Our Cereals

 We grow our wheat, barley, oats, turnips, cabbages, and new to this year, oil seed rape. We grow them in rotation to keep our yeilds as high as possible and to reduce the risk of disease and pests.

We are very fortunate to have good soil with a reasonably high clay content which has been able to retain moisture during the incredibly dry weather we have had. Although it is going to be a tough harvest for everyone, we have been lucky so far.

We feed our sheep our oats, the cattle our barley and the pigs and geese eat some of our wheat. We also make hay, silage and straw to see us through the Winter.


 Our Geese

 We first brought geese onto the farm last Summer and were hugely impressed with how they were recieved by the public. We started with 30 geese which we sold for Christmas. Goose is the traditional Christmas bird for Britain and so they were very sought after. 

Despite being a lot of hard work, we have bitten the bullet and have 50 geese making Perrinpit their home again this year. Wish us luck!


 Our Pigs

 The pigs are the latest venture on the farm and have so far been lots of fun. We have started small, with one gilt and seven weaners.

Our gilt is a British Lop - the rarest British breed. She has a wonderful temperment and brilliant conformation, which is why we hope to breed from her.

The weaners are Oxford Sandy and Black x Lop and they are real characters. They are growing very well and make scrumptious hog roasts. 


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